Plunge Router Bits

Plunge Router Bits

Plunge Router Bits include Eagle America and MLCS Woodworking Router Bits, is a specialized cutting tool that can be precisely lowered or "plunged" into the wood surface. Plunge router bits are commonly used for creating mortises (rectangular holes) in wood. They allow woodworkers to accurately cut out recesses for joinery, such as tenons or hinges. When crafting intricate inlay patterns, plunge router bits excel. They can create precise grooves and channels for inlay materials like wood, metal, or resin. Plunge router bits are ideal for fluting (decorative grooves) and grooving tasks. Whether you're adding decorative details to furniture or creating channels for wiring, these bits provide clean and controlled cuts. Woodworkers use plunge router bits to shape and profile edges. Whether it's a decorative edge on a tabletop or a chamfered edge on a cabinet door, these bits allow for creative customization. Plunge router bits can cut dadoes (grooves across the wood grain) and rabbets (grooves along the wood edge). These features are essential for assembling shelves, cabinets, and other woodworking projects.

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