Planer Knife Sharpening

Planer Knife Sharpening

Planer Knife Sharpening is essential for several reasons in woodworking. As you use the planer, blades gradually dull due to wear and tear. Dull knives result in rough cuts, tear-out, and wood splintering. By sharpening the blades, you restore their cutting edge, allowing them to slice through wood fibers easily. This not only saves time but also minimizes the need for post-cutting sanding and smoothing.

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Triton TWSS10 Whetstone Sharpener 120W

SKU # 415-7550

Triton TWSPCJ Plane Camber Jig

SKU # 415-7557

Diamond Jointer and Planer Knife Hone

SKU # 9135

Planer Knife Setting Jig and Knife Hone Kit

SKU # 9384

$79.90 $69.95
Deulen Jointer Planer Knife Sharpening Jig
Options Available
Plate Glass Sharpening System

SKU # 440-0612

Handyman Woodworking Metal Detector and Nail Finder

SKU # 424-0170


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