Rulers and Tape Measures

Rulers and Tape Measures

Woodworking Precision: Essential Rulers for Accurate Measurements includes premium rulers: zero finding, metric conversion, hook rules and flexible curves to name a few. Plus, a selection of premium machinists straight edges. Add these must have versitile woodworking rulers to your craftsman toolbox today.

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iGAGING Machinist Straight Edge 12 inch

SKU # 424-2012

iGAGING Machinist Straight Edge 24 inch

SKU # 424-2024

iGAGING Machinist Straight Edge 36 inch

SKU # 424-2032

iGAGING Machinist Straight Edge 3 pc Set (12, 24, 36 inch)

SKU # 424-2045

$163.97 $147.99
Fairgate Center Finding Rulers - Zero Centering Ruler
Options Available
Fairgate Cork Backed Aluminum Rulers
Options Available
Fairgate Metric Conversion Rulers - Millimeters to Inches Scale
Options Available
Flexible Curve Rulers | MLCS
Options Available
Right Handed Tape Measure 16 ft | MPower

SKU # 424-2530

Self-Adhesive Rulers
Options Available
Center Point Tape Measure
Options Available
iGAGING Stainless Steel Rulers
Options Available
iGAGING Hook Rulers 4R Stainless Steel
Options Available
Milescraft 8401 Trim45 Door Trim Jig and Carpentry Aid

SKU # 485-0267


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