Rocky 30 Trim Router

Rocky 30 Trim Router

Rocky 30 Trim Routers the Best Small Handheld Wood Router Are you tired of lugging around heavy, cumbersome routers for small-scale woodworking tasks? Look no further than the trim router-a versatile and lightweight tool that packs a punch! Here's why you need one in your workshop:

Affordability: Don't break the bank! Trim routers come at a fraction of the cost of their larger counterparts. You can afford to keep multiple trim routers pre-loaded with your most-used bits.

Ready-to-Go Edger: Whether it's roundovers, coves, or chamfers, trim routers handle standard 1/4"-diameter shanked bits with ease. Their smaller base allows them to reach tight corners and edges, making them ideal for profiling face-frame edges or flush-trimming solid-wood edging.

Mighty Mini Mortiser: Need shallow dadoes or grooves? The trim router's lightweight motor and square base excel at freehand cuts. Pair it with a straight or down-cut spiral bit, and you'll create mortises faster than ever.

Speed and Clean Cuts: Trim routers run faster than larger routers, resulting in cleaner cuts. Plus, their compact size lets you work in tight spaces where bigger routers can't fit.

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