Push Sticks and Blocks

Push Sticks and Blocks

Woodworkers rely on push sticks and push blocks to enhance safety during cutting tasks. When making rip cuts on a table saw, where hands are close to the blade, push sticks or blocks offer better control and prevent accidents. For narrow boards, a push block like the Milescraft Grabber Pro ensures pressure on the stock, reducing kickback risk. During cross cuts using a sled or miter gauge, maintaining a safe distance from the blade is crucial, and push sticks help keep hands away from the blade's path. Both push sticks and push blocks prioritize safety and workpiece stability in woodworking tasks.

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Milescraft 3406 Grabber Pro Push Blocks

SKU # 400-2151

$39.99 $35.99
Milescraft 3405 Grabber Plus Push Blocks

SKU # 400-2142

Milescraft 3403 Grabber Push Blocks

SKU # 400-2141

Push Sticks and Push Blocks 5 pc Set

SKU # 9167

$33.95 $25.95
Table Saw Push Sticks 2 pc Set

SKU # 9183

Table Saw Safety Tools 5 pc Set

SKU # 9169

$29.95 $20.00
Magnetic Table Saw Push Stick - 11 in long

SKU # 9136

Magnetic Table Saw Push Stick - 18 in long

SKU # 9178

$19.95 $16.95
Table Saw Multi Tool: Push Stick - Centerfinder - Cut Angle Gauge - Hook Rule - Depth Gauge

SKU # 9139

$19.95 $15.00

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