SuperClear Epoxy Resins Systems

SuperClear Epoxy Resins Systems

Superclear Epoxy is the clearest, most durable, and easiest to use epoxy resin for any project. It is self-leveling, scratch, water and chemical resistant, and cures crystal clear with a super gloss finish. It allows for deep pours of up to 4 inches and can be customized with various pigments and effects. Superclear epoxy is the ultimate epoxy resin for your creativity.

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SuperClear Liquid Glass Epoxy 2-4 inch Deep Pour | FGCI
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SuperClear Table Top Epoxy 1:1 | FGCI
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SuperClear Designer Art Resin | FGCI
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SuperColors Epoxy Pigments | FGCI
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Helix Epoxy Mixer | 1 Gallon Size

SKU # 454-0007

$7.99 $6.99
Epoxy Dispensing Pump

SKU # 454-0003

Epoxy Mixing Sticks

SKU # 454-0008

Heavy Duty Silicone Workbench Mat 18 x 24 inch

SKU # 9005


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