Digital Height and Depth Gauges

Digital Height and Depth Gauges

Digital Height and Depth Gauges provide precise measurements for woodworkers. Woodworkers use the depth gauge to measure the depth of cuts made by tools such as routers, saws, or drill bits. It ensures accurate routing or drilling by allowing you to set the desired depth. For example, when using a router, you can set the depth to create consistent grooves or dadoes in your workpiece.The height gauge helps set the height of router bits, saw blades, or other cutting tools. It ensures uniformity when working on multiple pieces or adjusting tool heights during a project. For instance, when using a table saw, you can precisely set the blade height for consistent cuts.

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iGAGING Digital Table Saw Gauge 35-0928

SKU # 424-0221

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SKU # 424-0119

iGAGING Digital Height Gauge

SKU # 424-0123

iGAGING Height and Depth Gauge 35-0906

SKU # 424-0168

Digital Height, Depth and Thickness Multi-Gauge | MLCS

SKU # 9308

$25.95 $20.00
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SKU # 9719


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