Router Bit Sharpening

Router Bit Sharpening

Router Bit Sharpening is crucial for several reasons in woodworking. First, sharp bits create cleaner cuts, leaving smooth surfaces and reducing splintering. Second, they reduce strain on the router, ensuring smoother operations. Third, keeping bits sharp minimizes the risk of burning the wood and compromising the quality of your work. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your router bits.

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Diamond Flat File with 4 Coarse Grits 120, 180, 240, 320

SKU # 9132

EZE-LAP Diamond Hone and Stone
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Router Bit Maintenance Set | MLCS

SKU # 1513

$60.85 $44.95
Router Bit Vise | MLCS PREMIUM

SKU # 196-0900

$29.95 $22.00
Router Bit Bearing Lubricant

SKU # 9029

Forstner Bits Sharpening Kit | MLCS

SKU # 9171

$28.95 $17.95

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