Circles Compass and Jigs

Circles Compass and Jigs

Circle Compass for drawing circles, arcs and other curved designs. The primary function of a woodworking compass is to draw circles and arcs. It consists of two arms connected by a pivot point. One arm holds a sharp point for marking the wood, while the other arm holds a pencil or pen for drawing curves. By adjusting the distance between the arms, woodworkers can create circles of various sizes or arcs with specific radii or diameters. Woodworkers can use the compass to transfer measurements from one piece of wood to another. For example, if they need to replicate a curve on multiple pieces, they can set the compass to the desired radius and transfer the curve accurately. In addition to circle drawing, a compass can help check for squareness. By measuring diagonals with the compass, woodworkers can ensure that their workpieces are perfectly square. When creating joints or dovetails, precise measurements are crucial. A compass can help transfer measurements accurately, ensuring a tight fit and strong joinery.

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