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MLCS Router Table Spline Jig makes a beautiful and strong spline joint for your woodworking projects.

This innovative sled slides easily in your router table's miter slot, and clamps the workpiece tightly between two adjustable (and removable for larger boxes) support fences.

Rout slots with dovetail, straight or straight spiral bits, then make a spline to glue into each slot, creating a strong miter joint.

The splines add a finished look to your project when you make them out of contrasting wood.

1/2" thick, melamine coated MDF with a 14-1/2" long aluminum miter bar that will fit any standard 3/4" wide miter slot.

The aluminum miter bar position is adjustable using the mounting slots provided in the base and will work with tables that have the center of the miter slot 5-1/2" to 8-1/4" from the center of the bit opening in the router tabletop.

The base is 15-1/2" wide and 10" deep.

Two adjustable support fences to sandwich between or clamp your project to, when cutting the splines across the corners.

Vertical handles to allow you to safely hold the jig on the router table during use, keeping your hands well away from the sharp cutting blades of the router bit

Recommended router bits to use with the sled to cut the spline joints are straight bits and/or dovetail bits (router bits are not included).

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