Genmitsu 4040 PRO CNC Router
Genmitsu 4040 PRO CNC Router Genmitsu 4040 PRO CNC Router
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Genmitsu 4040 PRO CNC Router

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Genmitsu 4040 PRO CNC Router is designed for carving and cutting. Increases work output with faster milling and increased stability.

15-Min Frame Assembly

All main parts are pre-assembled and it just takes about 15 minutes to finish the whole machine assembly. Adding more grooves and locating pins on the main assembly parts will help you to locate the parts, avoid inaccurate alignment, and makes assembly easier.

New Steel HSS Frame

Each axis is composed of two Steel HSS linear tubes and a lead screw motion drive. The design of a dual Y axis makes the CNC machine run with higher accuracy and better rigidity than Belt-driven. The secure locking foot design allows you to easily mount your CNC machine to your workbench or other mounting surfaces to eliminate any wobble issues and increase the overfeed height of the Z-axis by 20mm.

Large Working Area

An effective working area of 15.7"x15.7"x3.31" is large enough for most daily CNC projects. It provides a better experience for larger woodworking projects, whether you're a CNC beginner, a hobbyist, or a small business owner looking for enterprise quality for commercial purposes, this is an excellent choice.

Higher and More Flexible Z-Axis

Adding more screw holes on the non-all-in-one Z-axis carriage allows you to install the larger spindle higher for extra overfeed height. The new spindle mount exchange solution makes the spindle mount exchange easier and ensures the perpendicularity of the installed spindle as well.

Redesigned Control Board

The control board supports adding a laser module, air assistance pump, offline controller, MPG, and 4th axis. The extra 65mm spindle mount is also available. You could upgrade the machine easily based on your needs. (All these accessories need to order separately)

User-Friendly Jog Wheels

All stepper motors are equipped with manual jog wheels making it easy to adjust and position your spindle or stock material. You also could add the dust baffle to keep out the dust and protect the lead screw.

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