Spiral Downcut Router Bits | Solid Carbide | MLCS
Spiral Downcut Router Bits | Solid Carbide | MLCS
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Spiral Downcut Router Bits | Solid Carbide | MLCS

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MLCS Spiral Downcut Router Bits are used for cutting materials that have a tendency to chip or splinter, such as plywood, melamine, and other laminates. The downward spiral of the bit helps to push the chips and debris down towards the work surface, reducing the chance of chipping or splintering on the top edge of the material. These bits will cut faster, smoother and stays sharper longer. Produces a very clean, fast and accurate cut with minimal chatter. Downcut spirals help hold the material in place while using handheld routers. Will plunge cut and plane edges. Eliminates chipping at the top of the cut. 2 flute flat bottom cutters. Top quality micro-grain solid carbide. Ideal for soft & hard woods, plywoods & composites, laminates, plastics and some non-ferrous metals.

The MLCS Difference

The MLCS Brand was created for the cost conscience woodworker who needs a quality router bit that has a very good cut, good durability, good longevity but still has a great price.

3 Year Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Bits are milled from solid steel bodies and are precision ground by CNC machines to tolerances of +/-.005.

Carbide tips are diamond honed up to a 400-grit for a mirror finish with razor sharp edges.

High hook and shear angle designs are used to allow the bits to slice through the wood for a clean, fast and chatter free chip removal.

Anti-Kickback safety designs are used in bits that are 3/4" in diameter or greater.

Bodies are heat treated for strength and durability.

Non-stick PTFE coating applied to prevent pitch and resin build-up.

PRICE - These bits are up to 70% less then you will find elsewhere.

Product Options

Large Diam Cut Length Overall Length Shank Size Cut Item # Price    Qty
1/8" 9/16" 2" 1/4" down 5161 Price $13.95
Item #5161 can be used for inlay routing.

3/16" 5/8" 2" 1/4" down 5162 Price $15.95
5mm 5/8" 2" 1/4" down 5170 Price $15.95
Item #5170 can be used for shelf pin router jigs.

1/4" 3/4" 2-1/2" 1/4" down 5177 Price $15.95
1/4" 1" 2-1/2" 1/4" down 5145 Price $16.95
1/4" 3/4" 2-1/2" * down 917 Price $17.95
Item #917 iis supplied with an adaptor to make the final shank size 1/2".

3/8" 1-1/4" 3" 1/2" down 7487 Price $48.95
1/2" 1-1/2" 3" 1/2" down 7488 Price $48.95
Spiral Downcut Bit - 3 Piece Set 202 REG. $114.85
SALE $89.95
Detail Information

Solid Carbide Spiral Downcut 3 Piece Set #202 includes:

1/4" dia, 1" Cut Length, 1/4" shank #5145

3/8" dia, 1-1/4" Cut Length, 1/2" shank #7487

1/2" dia, 1-1/2" Cut Length, 1/2" shank #7488

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