Coping Sled | MLCS PREMIUM
Coping Sled | MLCS PREMIUM
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Coping Sled | MLCS PREMIUM

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Watch: MLCS Premium Coping Sled

MLCS PREMIUM Coping Sled securely holds the workpiece, preventing accidental slips and ensuring accurate cuts. This premium sled keeps your hands and fingers safe when using your router table. The most important function of a coping sled is to make precise cuts across the end grain of a workpiece. This allows for seamless joints in frame and panel construction. Coping sleds make the cope cut more efficient, saving time and effort while maintaining safety. They also prevent tear-out and enhance overall workpiece quality.


Handle large stock easily

Premium build quality you can trust

Aluminum Base will not flex

Offset clear fence guide

No cutting into the sled so there's no need to replace parts

Heavy Duty Toggle clamp

Keep tricky end grain cuts perfectly square

Base size 12" x 7.5"

Stock capacity 2" thick x 7.5" wide.

Watch: MLCS Premium Coping Sled

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