Honeycomb Laser Bed | Two Trees
Honeycomb Laser Bed | Two Trees
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Honeycomb Laser Bed | Two Trees

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Honeycomb Laser Bed is a removable and washable honeycomb working platform for laser engraving machines and cutting machines. Removable and washable, non-reflective, not easy to damage and deform. It can be cleaned thoroughly and can be used repeatedly. It is made of steel corrugated board, and its service life is hundreds of times longer than that of aluminum honeycomb board. Triple reinforced structure, strong and durable.

Optimal Air Flow Features

The honeycomb lattice provides optimal air flow while cutting.

It will help control the temperature of the piece being cut which provides quick cooling.

It will reduce any smoking, soot, or warping of the piece on which you are working.

Provides heat dissapation and smoke exhaust.


This kit comes with 1 Metal Base, 4 Edge Cover, 8 Non-Slip Pads.

The metal base protects your workbench.

The edge cover protects you from sharp edges and scratches.

The non-slip pad prevents the honeycomb bed from sliding.

The non-slip pad leaves a space between the metal base and the honeycomb bed which provides better ventilation.

Product Options

Product Size Item # Price    Qty
Honeycomb Laser Bed 300mm x 300mm 524-0017 REG. $39.90
SALE $34.95
Honeycomb Laser Bed 400mm x 400mm 524-0026 REG. $59.95
SALE $49.95
Honeycomb Laser Bed 500mm x 500mm 524-0028 REG. $99.99
SALE $69.95

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